Why You Should Choose Us


Jewel’s Teacup Pups is a dedicated and caring team whose goal is to provide high-quality micro, teacup, and small sized puppies that have been ethically bred and come with clean health certificates.

Because everyone deserves a beautiful four-legged friend! We treat our teacups as if they were our own children, and we don’t breed for the sake of profit or pleasure. Adopting a teacup puppy from Jewel’s Teacup Puppies will not only put your mind at ease, but will also ensure that you are getting a healthy fine-faced teacup puppy.

We do not have any pups available for viewing at our sales office. All pups are delivered straight to your home or you may pick up your puppy from our kennel.

We can transport your puppy to the nearest international airport or to your home address, whichever you choose. We ship throughout Europe with no problems or delays. We will bring your puppy to your house or airport regardless of where you are in Europe or the world (excluding Africa).

An inflight nanny is required if direct Pet Cargo flights are non-available to your city. The inflight nanny cost can vary from a destination to another. We deliver worldwide by nanny.

How do I know you are a legit company?

We are a reputable Breeders Platform and we stand strong behind our name Jewel’s Teacup puppies and behind the quality of our puppies. We encourage you to look and view testimonials from our customers 

What is the cost of your puppies?

Our prices are based on quality, size, and breed. Our puppies are of exquisite quality. We do not support puppy mills and we raise our puppies with due attention, love, and round the clock care. They are raised by highly-skilled puppy nurses. We ensure that they are well fed and remain in excellent health condition for a comfortable transition into their new home. 

What is the lifespan of your puppies?

They live as long as a standard size dog, provided they are properly catered for in terms of their diet and lifestyle.

How old are your puppies?

All of our available puppies are at least 2 months old and above.

Do you guarantee the health of your puppies?

We do provide guarantees for 2 years on all our puppies, you can review the health guarantee page for more details.

What is a Special Order?

There is a high demand on our precious tiny puppies and If your preferred puppy on our site is sold, you can place a Special Order by putting down a $300 deposit for us to locate a similar puppy. Similarities are in: face, quality, gender, color, and size. You can either Select a new puppy by visiting our Available puppies page  or give us an idea of your preferred puppy. Your initial deposit is also refundable and holds the puppy for only (7) calendar days after locating your requested puppy. The $500 deposit goes towards the final price of your selected puppy. Please contact us for further information on Before Placing a Deposit.

*Deposit is good for (7) calendar days. When the (7) calendar days have passed after we have Reserve your requested puppy, the puppy is no longer reserved, if not paid in full. Please speak to our representative for more details

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