Comprehensive Health Evaluations

Each breeder is required to keep their puppies up-to-date on all vaccinations and deworming. Every puppy must pass a comprehensive nose-to-tail health evaluation by the breeder’s licensed veterinarian before they travel home to their new families. 

Certified by a third-party, licensed veterinarian, the VHR requires an examination of a puppy’s ears, eyes, mouth, teeth, gums, respiratory system, cardiovascular system, musculoskeletal system, skin and coat, gastrointestinal system, and external genitalia. We also strongly encourage new puppy owners to take their puppy to the vet as close to arrival as safely possible. Your new pup will have just changed environments from breeder to your home, and getting a checkup right away helps to ensure that change goes as smoothly as possible.

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what is a puppy mill?: 

A Puppy Mill is a substandard source for puppies that places profit above the welfare of its animals. A Puppy Mill is not only inhumane and cruel, but also typically operates in violation of the law or government regulations.

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Whether your puppy travels on a commercial airline, in cabin with one of our trained Chaperones, or along one of our select ground routes, all of our puppies travel under USDA-guidelines for proper animal care, and according to Jewel teacup puppies time limits.

Simply put, each travel option is designed to put the health and welfare of your puppy first. If you wish to pick up your new puppy yourself, we can provide advice on how best to do that.